Delfina has helped people from all over Toronto, Scarborough, East York, Don Mills, Downtown, North York and Leaside.

Psychic Delfina can tell your past, present and future. She was born gifted to help you with problems in love, marriage, business and relationship. She can remove all negative energies and blockages.

Delfina can:
Toronto Psychic Delfina

  • Reunite you with the one you love
  • Repair any marriage relationship or family problems
  • Help in all financial and business matters
  • Provide advice and guidance on all personal problems such as stress, anxiety and unhappiness
  • Life path correction chakra and aura balancing

No matter how hopeless you think your problems are, don’t give up on happiness. Delfina will resolve your problems and restore your life. Call or email today for a better tomorrow:

647 975-2264

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Have our Delfina do a reading for you by phone or email. Select an option below and once the order is received, Delfina will contact you via your preferred method.

  • Palm
  • Tarot card
  • Crystal ball
  • Relationship
  • Energy
  • Chakra
  • Aura
  • Twin flame/soulmate
  • Life path

Your standard telephone charges will apply for receiving calls/email, we contact you and do not apply any additional charges on the call outside of what you would normally pay.

Mini Reading

Focuses on current situations


Full Reading

Focuses on past, present and future


Complete Reading

Focuses on all aspects of life – past, present, future, family, love, career


Relationship Reading

Focuses on all aspects of relationships


Full Life Reading

Focusses on past, present, future, family, love, career, business


Insight Reading

Focusses on yourself and up to 2 more people

Allows you to see how that person’s life will be, how they feel toward you and what their intentions are toward you


Problem Solving Consultation

Focusses on your problems and how to overcome them


FaceTime Reading

20 minute session to discuss any topic of your choice


The Combo

Insight reading + problem solving consultation, three questions


The One/Twin Flame/Soulmate Reading

Focusses on detailed relationship concerns such as:

  • Tells you if you have found the one
  • When will you meet the one
  • When you will marry
  • Will my partner overcome their commitment issues
  • Will the problems between myself and my husband/wife get better


Relationship Repair Combo

Focusses on repairing relationship
The One reading + consultation
To reunite you and the one you love
Repair your relationship
Attract your twin flame/soulmate/the one


Twin flame

Mirroring obsession repair package

This package is to reunite you and your twin flame, soulmate, soul connection. To mirror their feelings, and to be obsessed and want to have communication and commitment. If you are single, this package will bring your twin, flame soulmate, or soul connection into your life


How to get your ex back

A 5 step guide of how to re-attract reconnect and rebuild with the person you love.

This package is specific for a couples that are in:

  • no contact
  • separation
  • or divorce

This package is a custom PDF file sent to you, including The five key steps to reunite you and the one you love that you can start today.

No consultations are included in this package.


Detailed five step guide on how to reconnect rebuild and reunite with the one you love

This package will help you understand what your partners thoughts feelings and emotions are towards the relationship to understand if they still love you, and to help them open their mind and heart to you

This package is for a couples going through:

  • Communication issues
  • Separation or divorce
  • Third party relationships or affairs
  • Hot and cold energy
  • Frequent disagreements
  • Multiple separations or break ups

This package includes a custom PDF file that will be sent to you with The five key steps to reunite you and the one you love that you can start today.

This package also includes 1 phone consultation when purchased.


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In-person Services

In-person reading are available at our offices by appointment only

Toronto Psychic Delfina

  • Palm
  • TAROT card
  • Crystal ball
  • Relationship
  • Energy
  • Chakra
  • Aura
  • Twin flame/soulmate
  • Life path

Call to book an appointment

647 975-2264

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After 10 years of marriage my husband started to distance from me and was having an affair we were like strangers living in the same home
After visiting Delfina she completely restored our marriage to the best it’s ever been thank you Delfina I don’t know what I would’ve done without you
— Sunita J, Scarbrough/cite>

After a visit back home to the Philippines I felt surrounded by jealousy and my financial life was suffering. I could not save money, working multiple jobs but not able to get ahead. After getting Delfinas help I now own my own very successful business and purchased a home. Thank you for everything Delfina. — Joyce R, Don Mills and Eglington

A few months of having relationship problems my girlfriend broke up with me and went back home to Portugal then I found Delfina with her help we are now married with 2 children happier than ever and living in Toronto— Cristiano.S, downtown Toronto

While in a long term unhappy relationship I met my twin flame/soulmate. I have never felt so connected and in love with someone my entire life. I did not see myself with anyone other than him but I was still in a relationship and so was he. Thanks to Delfina we are now engaged living together and planning a wedding. See you at the wedding Delfina — Deena .l,East York

I always felt like I didn’t belong in the lifestyle I was living, there was always something that held me back and blocked my path to happiness. I was constantly stressed. I developed anxiety. I didn’t remember the last time that I was happy and I didn’t understand what was wrong and no one understood what I was going through or how I was feeling.
After speaking with Delfina she gave me the help advice and guidance that no one else could. Thanks Delfina
— Charlotte.b, Leaside

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Delfina has multiple offices located in the East York area:
Laird and Eglington
Bayview and Eglington
Shops at Don Mills
Broadview Avenue

Readings at our offices are by appointment only
Please call 647 975-2264 to book an appointment

Please note all readings time and services have a no refund, no exchange policy at any time.